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The RTC Group exists to provide clear and performance based marketing options for technology companies selling to other technology companies. Since 1986 The RTC Group has specialized in creating marketing and sales vehicles to connect buyers and sellers of the world’s most advanced technology solutions together.


Historical Overview The RTC Group began in 1987 when a handful of Southern California real-time vendors recognized a growing sales opportunity and created a small sales event. Dubbed The Do's

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Is your Marketing Strategy based on Hope? If you look at your marketing budget, how many activities are you merely hoping will provide some sort of return? Are you investing


Intel supplies the computing and communications industries with microprocessors, chipsets, boards, systems, and software building blocks that are the ingredients of computer architecture and the Internet. These products are used

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Expanded e-Newsletter Program

June 10, 2016 Download PDF Version of this Promotion The RTC Group announces the creation of three new monthly e-Newsletters for distribution in June to expand their audience reach and frequency opportunities. These e-Newsletters will focus on specific areas of technology important to the readers of RTC, COTS Journal and Intelligent Systems Source.

Intelligent Systems Source | June Digital Deal

May 19, 2016 DOWNLOAD PDF Unfettered by alliances to specific technologies or architectures, ISS gives an unparalleled compendium of products for engineers to research, compare, contrast and buy through our unique Parametric Search Engine. In addition to the largest catalog of SBCs, I/O Boards, Systems and Software – ISS is provides unique

2016 DoD UAV Budget and Procurement Poster

May 12, 2016 Download PDF UAVs by their very nature depend heavily on the electronics and computing that make them fly and perform their missions. That’s why developers of UAV subsystems share an interest in UAV procurement information side by side with your company’s technology ads. In the next fiscal year funding and

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