Expanded e-Newsletter Program

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The RTC Group announces the creation of three new monthly e-Newsletters for distribution in June to expand their audience reach and frequency opportunities. These e-Newsletters will focus on specific areas of technology important to the readers of RTC, COTS Journal and Intelligent Systems Source.

New e-Newsletter Opportunities

MEDS: Medical Electronic Device Solutions – Relaunched to reach 10,000 unique engineers and developers specifically oriented toward the medical device market.

Wireless Solutions – 98,000 engineers and developers building and utilizing wireless technology in a wide range of vertical segments.

Industrial IoT Solutions – 48,000 engineers and developers utilizing a wide array of technology solutions to fuel the Industrial IoT revolution.



The RTC Group is offering introductory 50% discount pricing on all ad insertions submitted by July 30, 2016 for any of its NEW e-Newsletters. 


Existing e-Newsletters

Intelligent Systems Source – 55,000 engineers and developers interested in embedded in intelligent systems.

COTS Journal –  Connects 16,000 engineers and developer uniquely situated in the defense and aerospace markets.

RTC Magazine –  Connects 14,000 engineers and developer uniquely situated in the defense and aerospace markets.


e-Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

The RTC Group has worked hard to keep our pricing and our programs simple and straight forward with a focus on features and positions that perform.



    ISS – Second Monday of the month

    Industrial IoT – Second Thursday of the month

    RTC Magazine – Third Monday of the month

    Wireless Solutions – Third Thursday of the month

    COTS Journal – Fourth Monday of the month

    MEDS – Fourth Thursday of the month



James Pirie
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Sara Schuttera
Managing Editor
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Account Manager
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John Koon
Editor-in-Chief RTC
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Account Manager
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Jeff Child
Editor-in-Chief RTC
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2016 DoD UAV Budget and Procurement Poster

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UAVs by their very nature depend heavily on the electronics and computing that make them fly and perform their missions. That’s why developers of UAV subsystems share an interest in UAV procurement information side by side with your company’s technology ads. In the next fiscal year funding and support for UAV development and technology upgrades remains strong and is moving forward. Taking advantage of this trend, COTS Journal is providing a valuable opportunity to strengthen your company’s link with the UAV market. COTS Journal will publish and distribute a special DoD UAV Budget and Procurement Poster. The poster gives your company the unique ability to associate its products and services with the growing UAV electronics sector.

The DoD UAV Budget and Procurement Poster is rich with information on the DoD’s proposed budget and procurement plans for the next fiscal year’s UAVs. The poster details information for platforms including Grey Eagle (MQ-1C), Reaper (MQ-9), Global Hawk (RQ-4), Triton/NATO AGS (MQ-4C), Shadow (RQ-7), Raven (RQ-11), Blackjack (RQ-21) and more. Providing program managers, engineers and other technical leaders with an important decision-making tool, the poster includes tables and graphs with some overall numbers of UAV procurement and RTD&E budget totals broken out in useful ways.

This large poster will be distributed to 41,000 COTS Journal subscribers, to be hung on lab and office walls. Engineers and decision makers retain resources like the UAV poster, providing your company with long-term branding and advertising exposure. Unlike other periodic advertising mediums, this reference poster will be seen by the readers of COTS Journal, their colleagues and their bosses for months to come.

Make sure your organization is represented on this key reference tool.

Contact Us:

Ruby Brower – rubyb@rtcgroup.com

John Reardon – rubyb@rtcgroup.com

Jeff Child – rubyb@rtcgroup.com


The UAV Budget and Procurement Poster is distributed to the applicable industry events and the entire print and electronic circulation of COTS Journal, as well as to key industry conferences and is available on www.cotsjournalonline.com.

Promote your organization with five different presentation sizes to suit your needs:

  • Individual ad: 5” x 6”
  • Ad Row: 5” x 12.25”
  • Ad Column: 10.25” x 6”
  • Whole Ad Block: 10.25” x 12.25”
  • Header Logo: 2.5” x 2.5”


  • Print distribution as a special ride-along in JULY issue of COTS Journal
  • Special Event distribution to industry events
  • Each Advertiser will receive 100 for their own distribution
  • PDF Printable Version available online for Digital Subscribers of COTS Journal


  • Individual ad sizes are 5” x 6”
  • Ad Row size is 5” x 12.25”
  • Ad Column size is 10.25” x 6”
  • Whole Ad Block size is 10.25” x 12.25”
  • Header Logo size is 2.5” x 2.5”
  • Ads must be sent as a 300 dpi or better EPS or Illustrator file

Terms & Conditions

  • Poster production date will be determined by sales, magazine production schedule and client sponsors. Sponsors and advertisers will be notified of release date 30 days prior to release.
  • Purchase Orders are NOT confirmation of sale. Larger sponsor orders may preempt individual ad sales. The RTC Group will confirm sale or no sale of ad space before production of poster is scheduled.


Gold Sponsor

  • Two 5”x 6” Ad Blocks (10.25” x 6”)
  • Company Logo on Header Logo Area
  • Price $5,995

Single Ad Block

  • 5” x 6” Ad Block
  • Price $4,295

Header Logos

  • 5” x 2.5” Logo
  • Price $700






  • 1 in 200 Americans is an engineer – 100% of RTC lead programs target engineers.

  • Industry average lead costs $125.

  • RTC generates more qualified leads for more companies than any other technology marketing company.

“Sign up for three months of our No-Risk Pay-per-Lead program at our entry level of 16 leads per month and receive the first month at 50% off our standard rate.”


Three (3) month PPL contract

Minimum goal lead count: 16 per month

Standard rate per lead: $125

First month’s introductory rate: $62.50 per lead

* Pay for only the leads that are accepted and delivered


Contact your account manager to set up your first three-month program – and start receiving leads this week.


Ruby Brower

Account Manager

(949) 226-2004


  John Reardon

Account Manager

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MAY RTC Magazine | Flagship Embedded OS Guide Announced


Download PDF of May Software Promotion

Access Online OS Survey (only for vendors distributing and embedded OS) – password required

RTC Magazine has identified Embedded Software as one of its five key innovation sectors in 2016. Most technical teams are looking to first identify their software solution before addressing the other facets of system development. Embedded software will increasingly be the key differentiator in future design.

In May RTC will devote an entire issue to software solutions by reviewing the industry’s Flagship Embedded Operating Systems.

Each software vendor in the embedded / IoT market will be asked to complete a short survey highlighting the features and functionality of a single FLAGSHIP Operating System.

The results of this survey will be compiled through a template into a FREE SINGLE PAGE FEATURE on each company’s product and published in RTC Magazine, distributed to 70,000 engineers and technical decision-makers through print, online, digital and social media.

Software vendors participating in our 2016 Flagship Embedded OS Guide may also purchase a full-page advertisement to appear alongside their OS submission.  Download PDF for pricing details.

Is Digital Media In Trouble?

By Aaron Foellmi, Vice President – The RTC Group
Download PDF: Is Online Media In Trouble


Below are just a few of the headlines from 2015. The media industry is seeing a tectonic shift as the bubble of social media pops, online advertising becomes the battlefield for tech giants, and the high expectations of good ol’e Profit and Loss are felt by cash hungry media start-ups.

Apple’s iOS 9 takes ad blockers to dangerous new heights

Welcome to hell: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the slow death of the web
The Verge

Dangerous liaisons: how the Ashley Madison hack ended the age of innocence in cybersecurity
Information Age

Groupon cutting 1,100 jobs, shutting down operations in 7 countries

Hackers Helping Businesses Commit Click Fraud on Competitors’ AdWords
PC Magazine

LinkedIn will pay $13M for sending those awful emails

Fortune Magazine

Twitter’s C.E.O., Dick Costolo, Is Set to Exit, Feeling Heat of Criticism
New York Times

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Confirms Layoffs With Tweet

A ‘Crisis’ in Online Ads: One-Third of Traffic Is Bogus
Wall Street Journal

YouTube Makes Advertisers Pay For Fake Views Made By Bots

Welcome to the Internet of Thingies: 61.5% of Web Traffic Is Not Human
The Atlantic

Arrow Electronics Acquires United Technical Publishing Division of Hearst Business Media
Yahoo Finance

Europe’s top court rejects ‘Safe Harbor’ ruling (endangering international email marketing)

For those of us working in the marketing trenches this leaves a lot to be insecure about as we plan for 2016. Of course digital media is here to stay, and strategically there is a place in most portfolios for online digital buys – but its more imperative than ever to weight the risks and the rewards objectively. The cost for many will be depressed sales and diminished brands.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Media Partner

1. Is engaging content a pillar of the media strategy?
What are the three rules of real estate? Location, Location and Location. Likewise media companies are similarly tied to their content. Content drives audience engagement. In the past few years this has been interpreted to mean that MORE content drives audience engagement…but as we’ve found – this simply isn’t true. GREAT content drives audience engagement. Ask your media partners:
– Is content original?
– Is content objective and unbiased?
– Is content technical, provide depth and engage the reader?
– Is content delivered in such a way as to make it a “must read” when presented to the reader?
Alarmingly, large companies are purchasing and integrating media companies and editors into their marketing organizations. This phenomenon has created a vacuum of opportunity for companies that traditionally would have engaged objective outlets leading many to actually BUY/SELL editorial.

2. Are the numbers lying to you?
Over the past few years, the focus has been on numbers. Page views, hits, clicks, opens and downloads. These numbers provide a warm blanket of good feelings for most marketers reporting their performance to superiors.

A recent review of tech industry’s published audience numbers found that a sizable portion of media companies report audiences larger than their target markets. How can this be? Ask your media partners:
– How much of your audience numbers do you attribute to NHT (non-human traffic)?
– Is your reported audience the sum of all your media outlets, or a count of identifiable users?
– What is the total available market of the industry you are targeting and do your numbers make sense in that context?

3. What is the real-world impact of my marketing?
The information age has made it possible for information to be available 24/7, but for marketing professionals this means the pendulum has swung. What used to be finite channels to engage has become infinite. Getting real customers to engage in real interactions is, in fact, more difficult than ever. Ask your media partners:
– Do you offer ways for me to engage with your audience directly?
– How do you gauge the impact of each marketing or advertising channel to affirm their success?
– What is the shelf life of each campaign or channel activity?

Reach and Frequency

At the end of the day these two tenants of marketing are as universal as ever. Reach the right people at the right time with the right message. Media professionals are experts at creating engaged audiences, and even though the channels through which we communicate have vastly expanded — the basic truths of marketing have stayed the same. Look for partners you trust, with audiences that trust them.

Shameless Pitch

Learn more about how you can optimize marketing and advertising budgets to re-energize your product and brand outreach with The RTC Group – a TRUSTED media partner for 30 years.



For release on Monday, August 11, 2014

For more information contact:

Aaron Foellmi

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

+1 (949) 226 2041


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ARM Veteran and Embedded Business Expert has joined the RTC Group as Senior Technical Advisor for RTECC and RTC magazine.

San Clemente, California – After working with Erik for over a decade as the Director of Brand Strategy at ARM, The RTC Group is proud to announce his roles as Senior Technical Advisor. Erik will aid RTC in advancing their products, with his initial projects being the Santa Clara RTECC event and the addition of a supplement to RTC magazine— – project code name “Embedded Edge.” (Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference, Santa Clara, is scheduled for January 22, 2015.)

Erik has already had a dramatic effect on the RTECC event by guiding us toward a stronger technical conference and the addition of larger booths for exhibitors wishing to support partner communities. Erik’s experience in areas that are reshaping the future will be beneficial to our clients wishing to stay on top of major trends in the areas of the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Entertainment, to name just a few.

“The stars have aligned for us to bring on one of the best marketing minds in the embedded business,” said Aaron Foellmi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the RTC Group. “We are excited about the energy Erik brings and his focus on emerging trends.”

Erik joined ARM in 1998, and during his 16-year tenure he was responsible for steering the management and worldwide growth of the ARM Corporate Identity and brand architecture. He also led the cultivation and growth of ARM’s partner ecosystem, growing the worldwide membership from 6 to 1000 partners.

He directed ARM’s brand through three stages of evolution, transforming the company’s marketing orientation from product focus to technology leadership, and positioning ARM as a directional beacon for the embedded industry. Erik’s success with events is well known as he also conceptualized and managed ARM’s annual TechCon event for 10 years, growing the event from 450 to over 6,000 attendees.

Along with his strength in event development, Erik is a published author. For 10 years he was the Editor-in-Chief of IQ magazine, read by more than 55,000 engineers in multiple languages. Its focus was on embedded technology surrounding the ARM ecosystem.

Erik also serves as a Non-Executive Board Member for WebRotator, a start-up software company.

About RTECC – The Real-Time and Embedded Computing Conference is part of The RTC Group family of products that include RTC magazine and Intelligent Systems Source Web portal. The event is designed in support of regional sales activities, by placing local sales in front of the local audience. The current calendar supports 15 locations throughout North America.


The RTC Group is the leading provider of marketing for vendors in the OEM electronics industry. For additional information regarding upcoming events, publications and other marketing services, contact the RTC Group at +1 (949) 226-2000 and visit www.rtcgroup.com.


Diminishing Lead ROI

For the better part of two decades I’ve been in the lead development, cultivation and delivery business. As the marketing guy behind one of the longest running and most successful lead development activities in the embedded computing space, I’ve seen first hand the power of providing quality leads to organizations across diverse verticals and technology functions. I was preaching cheap lead generation, when it wasn’t quit in style — so for me to come out against lead generation is a change in orthodoxy that would turn heads among my colleagues.

What’s wrong with lead generation? Two things.

First, valuation of leads changes greatly as you move through time and penetrate your total available market (TAM). More simply put, the more leads you generate — one of two things becomes true:

A.) New leads are generally less valuable because they require more cultivation to close.

B.) New leads are generally more expensive to acquire because they are more difficult to find.

The dawn of the information age means there are a myriad of tools at a savvy marketing or sales manager’s fingertips to cultivate new leads. Whether reaching out on LinkedIn or posting new whitepapers to one’s website and collecting contact information — leads will vary greatly in their value, timeliness and cost to close.

Second, no lead is created equal. I manage a team of excellent sales professionals. One of the interesting phenomenon that I often see with them is that they will go after the big deal with lower close potential rather than service multiple smaller, more certain sales prospects. Those familiar with the sales funnel instinctively know that the closer the contact is to buying — the better the lead.

Marketing managers must always keep their lead generation goals in the context of proximity to close. Of course, more leads sounds better. But where does a marketing manager with limited resources draw the line in terms of chasing their TAM?

Lead Generation Graph

This graph is a visual representation of a general principle. The closer to your TAM, the more it costs to develop and cultivate new leads. Its almost always true that within any given campaign, it takes more resources, frequency and exposure to generate the next lead. When clients come to us asking about lead generation campaigns, inevitably the first question is “How much is your Cost Per Lead?” And of course the answer, “It depends,” rarely hits home with clients.

Part of what confuses marketers is what constitutes a lead? Here are some mistakes that marketers often make when making lead-gen decisions:

  • Impressions aren’t valuable. There is a trend in B2B markets that impressions don’t count. Impressions with focus and frequency make a huge difference in cultivating new leads. Marketers that aren’t hitting 10% of their TAM every month with impactful messaging are putting their brand, product and company at risk. Lay the foundation before you build.
  • Leads should cost a fixed amount. Marketers are notorious for our numbers. We like to count and measure everything. “Our average lead costs $50.” The reality is that lead costs should be calculated in relation to the size and proximity to conversion. Generally, the smaller your TAM – the more you will pay per lead.
  • Leads should be sale ready. As a marketing service professional I always profess to my clients that you don’t want me to get you too close to the sale. If I could guarantee that X% of my leads would bring your organization $X,XXX,XXX – trust me, I’d charge you for it. Sometimes the best lead values are those more easily attained, but only partially qualified. I find the best balance for marketers is to create a pool of potential that can be refreshed and refined over and over again.
  • The best leads are ready to buy. If you have a lead that is ready to buy without much effort, chances are good that you’re leaving money and margin on the table. The best deals always require some friction. Its what separates a good salesperson from a great salesperson. Its what separates good marketing from great marketing. Creating additional value for the prospect has to be a core feature of lead generation and qualification.
  • Lead conversion can be tracked and measured. I’m going to create a lot of enemies in the marketing and sales SaaS industry, but its time to put this myth to bed. Automated metrics provide a lot of data, but they cannot anticipate the buying behavior of your clients. If I (or anyone) could orchestrate a sale, I’d be the richest person on the planet. Qualified lead sources provide the necessary fuel for good sales engines to stay running. The reality is that most companies know they need X,XXX number of leads per month to keep the sales channel full. But as the old adage goes, I know my marketing works — I just don’t which part.

As a marketing service provider I always tell my clients…

I can provide you an industry specific impression for $0.14. I can provide you an industry specific buying-behavior lead somewhere between $100 and $300. And I can provide you a sale ready lead for 10% of revenue. Where would you like to buy in?

As a marketer you should always be considering what features are most important to your sales goals?

  1. Am I giving up margin to have lead sources do the work for me?
  2. Is cultivating leads for the future a part of my overall marketing strategy?
  3. How much effort have I put into laying the foundation for strong lead generation activities with impression and awareness oriented marketing?
  4. Can a higher cost per lead streamline my sales process or limit it?
  5. How much of my TAM is currently in my prospect database? Would efforts be better served on competitive and awareness oriented marketing?

Lead Generation is an incredible tool, that when used in context and with clarity of purpose can supercharge an organization sales channel. It can also constipate and confuse everyone looking to do business with your company. Make sure your strategy makes sense…

And good luck.

RTECC Announces Early 2015 Schedule

RTECC-Logo_Color_NewRTECC announces today its early 2015 event calendar featuring updated Santa Clara event, and several consistent regional events within North America. Along with roll-back early-bird pricing (ends September 2014), RTECC is please to announce plans to increase participation options at its flagship embedded event in Santa Clara, along with a special Mid-Atlantic event announcement coming in June.

Contact your sales rep or account manager for more information. And download the documents below

2015 RTECC – Tour Prospectus (PDF)
2015 RTECC – Registration Form (PDF)

Silicon IndustryMap: RTC Connects the Dots – Seminconductors and Intelligent Systems

pdf_downloadDownload PDF


Unique Poster Opportunity Connects Processors to the Embedded Industry


Get your company’s name on the office wall of the decision makers and buyers of your products and services with the Silicon IndustryMap™ This is a terrific and fascinating guide to the overall makeup of the semiconductor industry, the players, and their relationship to each other.

With almost one hundred different semiconductor, microprocessor, IP, capital-equipment, and technology companies charted, this IndustryMap gives a thorough overview of the whole interconnected business at a glance. Discover who supplies whom, and which companies supply them. See who’s in business together and who are competitors. Reveal the partnerships and value chains that make this industry so complex… and fascinating.

Contact Sales

Mike Duran
Western Regional Sales Manager
(949) 226-2024

Jasmine Formanek
Eastern Regional Sales Manager
(949) 226-2004

Mark Dunaway
Western Regional Sales Manager
(949) 226-2023