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The RTC Group announces the creation of three new monthly e-Newsletters for distribution in June to expand their audience reach and frequency opportunities. These e-Newsletters will focus on specific areas of technology important to the readers of RTC, COTS Journal and Intelligent Systems Source.

New e-Newsletter Opportunities

MEDS: Medical Electronic Device Solutions – Relaunched to reach 10,000 unique engineers and developers specifically oriented toward the medical device market.

Wireless Solutions – 98,000 engineers and developers building and utilizing wireless technology in a wide range of vertical segments.

Industrial IoT Solutions – 48,000 engineers and developers utilizing a wide array of technology solutions to fuel the Industrial IoT revolution.



The RTC Group is offering introductory 50% discount pricing on all ad insertions submitted by July 30, 2016 for any of its NEW e-Newsletters. 


Existing e-Newsletters

Intelligent Systems Source – 55,000 engineers and developers interested in embedded in intelligent systems.

COTS Journal –  Connects 16,000 engineers and developer uniquely situated in the defense and aerospace markets.

RTC Magazine –  Connects 14,000 engineers and developer uniquely situated in the defense and aerospace markets.


e-Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

The RTC Group has worked hard to keep our pricing and our programs simple and straight forward with a focus on features and positions that perform.



    ISS – Second Monday of the month

    Industrial IoT – Second Thursday of the month

    RTC Magazine – Third Monday of the month

    Wireless Solutions – Third Thursday of the month

    COTS Journal – Fourth Monday of the month

    MEDS – Fourth Thursday of the month



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eNewsletter Product Manager
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Managing Editor
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Account Manager
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Editor-in-Chief RTC
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Account Manager
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Editor-in-Chief RTC
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