Changing Marketing Goals

Recent marketing trends have made it mandatory for marketing to close the gap with sales. Have you narrowed your marketing goals to the singular view that you need leads? And not just any leads, but leads who have expressed an interest in your product or service?

The Hurdles

With marketing prospects you are fighting a sophisticated communication conflict…prospects are:

  • Using ad blockers on their browsers and mobile devices.
  • Screening unwanted phone calls.
  • Blocking unsolicited messages in their firewalls and spam filters.
  • Not reacting to your emails.
  • Reacting negatively to being solicited through social media.

How are you to overcome these hurdles in a way that gives you confidence in your actions?

The Measurement

“Not all leads are created equal.”

This is stating the obvious, but when you are overwhelmed with marketing firms claiming they can get you leads and all you get are:

  • Page views that can’t be qualified
  • Open rates that only give you partial information
  • Unique visitors that are fraught with bots and NHT (non-human traffic)
  • Or worse, contacts that look like someone who might be interested, but are just the “curious”

RTC decided to go further

“A lead is someone who after review of your product or service information has expressed an desire for more information.”

Programmatic Marketing

Have the dynamic changes occurring in media buying made your head spin? Are you tired of trying to decipher macro and micro trends in the market? Does buying behavior surveys, Big Data or managing omni-channel campaigns demand more questions than answers?

Our simplified solution is to let us use your marketing material to reach the right people. We will take your messaging and build an integrated omni-channel campaign from the material available. We will refocus our activities to meet your requirements, overcome the hurdles and give you a simple matrix to measure return – a qualified lead.

The Campaign

Once engaged, RTC will use all the resources necessary to make the campaign a success, or you don’t pay.
We will coordinate and mange a truly integrated program, that will incorporate all the qualifying triggers that you have identified. These can include:

  • White Papers
  • Webinars
  • E-letters
  • Press Releases
  • Microsites
  • Application Notes
  • Event Participation
  • Print Ads
  • Videos Data sheets
  • Product postings
  • eDMs
  • Blogs

Each activity will be gated with a request form that enables the prospects to identify themselves as “interested in more information” – an immediate invitation for your sales person to make contact.


$2000.00 a month

Three (3) month minimum order

Cancellable at any time

16 leads a month


What is the cost per lead?


Can I target certain markets?

Yes, of course we want to obtain the best quality lead for you, but if you become too specific our ability to produce may be limited.

Can I buy more leads then contracted for?

Yes, but quantity is not our objective. We prefer that you identify an amount and budget so we can design the campaign around your needs.

I don’t want competitors, educators or consultants; do I have to pay for these?

No, RTC will review each lead for quality concerns. Typically we will eliminate 10% percent of the leads for these types of reasons.

Can I eliminate leads that I don’t want to pay for?

Yes, we allow you to eliminate ~10% of these leads as being of no value through a visual inspection.

Can I start and stop the program at my leisure?

Yes, but remember it takes us effort to get the “ball rolling” and starting and stopping a campaign is in neither of our benefits.

Can I target a specific Geographical region in support of a sales person who needs help?

Yes, you can.

What if I am doing my own marketing at the same time – for example, for a Webinar or Lunch-and-Learn?

You don’t have to worry – all our promotion will be gated to affirm a registration information is completed. You will know our leads, as they will come from us.

Does RTC do custom activities – for example, I want CEO’s and CTO’s from specific target companies to attend an event we are planning.

Yes, we do numerous custom activities, but the pricing may vary dramatically to achieve a specific goal.

How does my average sales price affect participation?

This is specific to you. A company selling a product once to a person for $80.00 can’t spend $125 to do it. But if the client might buy thousands or your product sells for thousands, then you will find this number very attractive.

Is the pricing negotiable?

Of course – we like to say it is “my price your terms, your price my terms”. Maybe more appropriate is that: “you get what you pay for”. Through many years, we have concluded $125.00 is the appropriate price for success with most engagements with routine requirements.