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Is your Marketing Strategy based on Hope?

If you look at your marketing budget, how many activities are you merely hoping will provide some sort of return? Are you investing heavily in web advertising and online media in the hopes that it will give you some extra leverage in the market? Are you sacrificing marketing dollars on untested and ineffective marketing ploys from companies that have little experience in your industry? Are you feeling lucky?

Where do prospective clients find you, and how did they get there?

Marketing and sales are exhausting professions. Our success or failure is often judged by the quantity of our contacts and we use our resources toward that end. We often forget that our goal isn’t just creating contacts, but developing a sale. And sales don’t happen by developing contacts, they happen by cultivating the right contacts.

Are your marketing activities focused on moving prospects closer to the sale, or just on making contact?

For 20 years The RTC Group has focused its attention on providing the most efficient, cost-effective tools for sales and marketing in the embedded electronics marketplace. We have time-tested products and services with focused and proven results. Whether you’re looking for face-to-face contact with engineers at an intimate event; wanting to brand your company while developing leads through our publications; or even looking for online advertising that is focused on your clients; The RTC Group has the marketing activities to not just create contacts, but develop leads.

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