Historical Overview

The RTC Group began in 1987 when a handful of Southern California real-time vendors recognized a growing sales opportunity and created a small sales event. Dubbed The Do’s and Don’ts of The VMEbus, each vendor would invite current and prospective customers to a one-day ‘gathering’ for an exchange of information on new products and a free lunch. At the days’ end, the hotel and catering bill was split by participating vendors and each walked away with a pocket full of sales leads. The valuable experience was quickly arranged for several cities within the state of California. Word spread swiftly about the high-quality leads being generated by this event and the low participation cost – it wasn’t long before one of the event’s original organizers, John Reardon, stepped forward to produce the series full-time.

Since the beginning and for the past 25 years, The RTC Group has been about helping clients develop sales leads. As we’ve added events, publications, books, web-activities and marketing services along the way, we’ve kept that single goal in mind.

Develop low-cost, effective and efficient sales leads for our clients.

The RTC Group Philosophy

Nothing happens until somebody sells it.

The RTC Group, with its first show in 1987 set its corporate mission, to provide industry vendors with low-cost, high-impact sales leads.

The philosophy of that first show and every subsequent marketing vehicle has been to bring together leading vendors with their customers and prospects in simple, meaningful and measurable effective ways.

The RTC Group formula is unique, and it works.