The RTC Group, Inc. enters a new worldwide licensing and joint marketing agreement with Embedded Developer, LLC. to launch Intelligent Systems Source

SAN CLEMENTE, California — The RTC Group, Inc., a leading marketing services company addressing the industrial computer markets, announced today that it has entered into a marketing agreement with Embedded Developer LLC, a joint venture between Hearst Electronics Group and Convergence Promotions LLC. This agreement will combine strengths of each company to launch a new and innovative website known as Intelligent Systems Source.

Intelligent Systems Source will draw upon the highly successful Embedded Developer and Lighting Developer websites to offer a licensed version of the parametric search tool unparalleled in our space. The goal of the site will be to emulate the strengths of the sister sites by comparing and contrasting single board computers and other aspects of industrial system design. By enabling an engineer to select any number of SBCs for side-by-side comparison and evaluation, it will instill confidence in their choice. In addition, upon selection of the right SBC, the engineer may wish to request further information and/or select a shopping cart function linked to manufacturers’ and distributors’ inventory through Embedded Developer, in instances when the relationship between supplier and distributor exists.

“This agreement is unparalleled with a trifecta of marketing organizations to support the launch and growth. This includes our publications, our events and our many other sites,” states John Reardon, CEO of The RTC Group. “When assessing the resources we jointly bring to bear it is difficult to conceive of a larger source for SBC vendors. Suffice to say that we are using our complete joint resources: including the nearly 50,000 printed magazines each month, our combined database of nearly 500,000 engineers and nearly 150,000 unique online visitors each month – as I said un-paralleled.”

According to Glenn ImObersteg, the CEO of Embedded Developer,

“We’re very enthusiastic about teaming up with The RTC Group on the Intelligent Systems Source. With the proliferation of SBCs in the market today, there is a definite need to be able to provide the engineer with an opportunity to quickly evaluate and compare solutions from all the manufacturers in this space. The RTC Group holds the pole position as a media channel in the SBC space, and Embedded Developer adds parametric search capabilities and global marketing outreach to bring our message to market.”

“Through our joint ownership of the ARM DevCon and the TechCon, we’ve had many years of experience in sharing success with RTC Group in the embedded industry, and this new program promises the SBC community of engineers and suppliers the same level of expertise and service that they have grown to expect from our two companies.”

Visit Intelligent Systems Source now.